10-U Practice Plan 1

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Practice Length: 1 Hour

Best Practices for Long-term Development:

  • Teaching the framework for sportsmanship, being a good teammate, and how much FUN (again) baseball is should be the overall idea—it always should.
  • 10-U practices should also introduce more detailed fundamentals—for all positions—that will help the development of muscle memory (and avoid bad habits).
  • Build each practice more linearly—from day to day, week to week—which will allow each player to improve their skills as their bodies continue to develop.
  • Patience! The growth within this age group is anything but uniform; so remember to focus on one-on-one mentoring and teaching. Help them grow toward being “their” best!

Pre-Practice Warm-Up:

Home Run Derby: 10 minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Break the ice and get the players interacting with this fun warm-up routine. Get all the coaches involved too, allowing each player to get more comfortable with the staff.

YSPN360/Dugout Captain Video(s) to Incorporate


Defense: 35 Minutes

Dynamic Warm Up 10U: 5 minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Keep the momentum from the pre-practice routine but start to add in more focused-based elements during this routine—increase the pace as you move along, going max effort the last minute.

YSPN360/Dugout Captain Video(s) to Incorporate

Catch/Into Abbreviated Long Toss: 10 minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Make sure the pairs are spread out—no black eyes! Take time to go over throwing mechanics—grips and footwork—and ease into it. Use the Jim Brower video as a reference for what you should look out for—and what the players should avoid.

This age group is still learning, so don’t worry about starting at a beginner level when it comes to grips, throwing mechanics, etc.

YSPN360 Video(s) to Incorporate 

Groundball/Fly Ball Technique: 20 (split) Minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Rotate at the halfway mark. Start with the fundamentals of each station. Work on receiving the groundball as well as the fly ball—for the fly ball, teach them to talk, “I got it.”

YSPN360/Dugout Captain Video(s) to Incorporate

Hitting: 20 Minutes

Hitting Stations/Tee Work: 20 Minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Like the previous section, start from the beginning, fundamentally. Athletes at this age are more susceptible to bad information and developing bad habits, especially from the plate. Take the first few practices to go over proper grips and swing mechanics, but also take the individual tee time and soft toss to begin to understand each hitter’s skillset (including capabilities) based on their strength and what’s comfortable to them. 

Baserunning- Down to First: 5 Minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Incorporate the proper baserunning techniques—see Coach Tarrik Brock Videos—while finishing with some cardio.

YSPN360/Dugout Captain Video(s) to Incorporate

Post-Practice Mentoring/Leadership: 5 Minutes

Discussion: 5 Minutes

  • What was their favorite part of the day—what did they learn?
  • Talk about expectations: being a good teammate, being focused while having FUN.
  • Talk about the next practice: what to expect.
  • Get a show of hands: Who wants to pitch?
  • Remember: End the practice with a High Five Line—“Good Game!”

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Life lessons and Mentoring Dialogue will play a role at this age, but shouldn’t be introduced right off the bat—take time to discuss who likes what best, and why. Build the Life Lessons organically as the team continues to grow. That way they will retain the information a little better.

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