10-U Practice Plan 2

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Practice Length: 1 Hour

Best Practices for Long-term Development:

  • Teaching the framework for sportsmanship, being a good teammate, and how much FUN (again) baseball is should be the overall idea—it always should.
  • 10-U practices should also introduce more detailed fundamentals—for all positions—that will help the development of muscle memory (and avoid bad habits).
  • Build each practice more linearly—from day to day, week to week—which will allow each player to improve their skills as their bodies continue to develop.
  • Patience! The growth within this age group is anything but uniform; so remember to focus on one-on-one mentoring and teaching. Help them grow toward being “their” best!

Pre-Practice Warm-Up

Dynamic Warm Up 10U: 10 minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Begin adding more focused-based elements during this routine—increase the pace as you move along, going max effort the last minute.

YSPN360/Dugout Captain Video(s) to Incorporate


Defense: 25 Minutes

Throwing Progression: 10 Minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Go slowly, making sure that they get each progression of the drill down. Check their grips. Adjust. Make it fun as they progress to a normal toss: one point if you hit the target in the shoulders. Two if it’s a right at the chest.

YSPN360/Dugout Captain Video(s) to Incorporate

Rotating Put-Outs/Throw to First: 15 Minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Don’t worry if they’re left-handed or right-handed, start with a full infield, with one player next to the coach at home plate (on the bucket). Go through one progression, and then rotate with the first baseman moving to the bucket.

Note: This will give you an idea of arm strengths and abilities while keeping things loose.

YSPN360/Dugout Captain Video(s) to Incorporate 

Offense (Pitcher-Catcher Side-Work): 25 Minutes

Cage Work/Tee Work/Pitchers & Catchers Report: 25 Minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Take the opportunity of waiting time at the cage to add in a pitching and catching station to the mix. Go over mechanics, foot placement on the rubber, with the pitchers; talk about proper setup for the catchers. Have each pitcher throw 10-15 pitches MAX—at about 60 percent.  

YSPN360/Dugout Captain Video(s) to Incorporate



Tagging Up: 10 Minutes

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: The timing will be the most difficult aspect—which happens even at professional levels—so really focus on key communication as the coach: “Back!” and “Go!”

Note: Still ncorporate the proper baserunning techniques—see Coach Tarrik Brock Videos.

YSPN360/Dugout Captain Video(s) to Incorporate

Post-Practice Mentoring/Leadership: 5 Minutes

Discussion: 5 Minutes

  • What was their favorite part of the day—what did they learn?
  • Talk about expectations: being a good teammate, being focused while having FUN.
  • Talk about the next practice: what to expect.
  • Get a show of hands: Who wants to pitch?
  • Remember: End the practice with a High Five Line—“Good Game!”

YSPN360 Coaching Tip: Life lessons and Mentoring Dialogue will play a role at this age, but shouldn’t be introduced right off the bat—take time to discuss who likes what best, and why. Build the Life Lessons organically as the team continues to grow. That way they will retain the information a little better.

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