Rick Suter

First Base Defense Pt. 2: Fielding Bunts w/ Putouts

Working on staying athletic, fielding the bunt—toward the line or away from it—and making an accurate throw to second has to be like clockwork for first baseman. In Part 2 of Coach Ally Carda’s First Base Defense series, she breaks down the proper fielding techniques and shows how to make the 3-4 (or 3-6) putout!

First Base Defense Pt. 1: Pop-Ups in Foul Territory

Often overlooked when it comes to working on defense at first base, developing a solid technique for making the play on a pop-up in foul territory, near the fence, can ultimately help the team avoid wasting outs. In Part 1 of Coach Ally Carda’s First Base Defense series, the dual-threat demonstrates a few steps that will get young first baseman in the right position to make the play!

12-U Bullpen Sessions Part 6: Breakdown

Bringing it all together, Coach Jim Brower focuses the final installment of his 12-U Bullpen Sessions on the entire bullpen and what common problems 12-U coaches should look for during the session.

12-U Bullpen Sessions Part 5: The Landing

If there was one element of pitching mechanics that young hurlers should make a priority to develop correctly, it's the "landing." In this installment of Coach Jim Brower's 12-U Bullpen Sessions, he explains why the landing is so important—and how to develop one that will help young pitchers create better leverage.

12-U Bullpen Sessions Part 4: Separation

Without a good "hands separation" during a pitcher's delivery, the timing, control, and pitch performance will not be as effective. So it's important for young pitchers to work on this often during the bullpen to develop correct mechanics and muscle memory. In this progression of Coach Jim Brower's 12U Bullpen Session, he takes a look at the separation and gives a few pointers for coaches to use with this age group.

Gather to Power: Rhythm and Timing Part 1

Moving along in Mike Bard's Gather to Power series, YSPN360's hitting guru takes a look at the importance of using the lower half to create rhythm—while making sure the hands "settle" and match the lower half, creating the correct timing.

Catchers Pop-Up Drill

From the professional level down to the youngest of softball catchers, locating and making the play on a pop-up behind the plate is one of the more difficult things to do. In this drill, Coach Kristyn Sandberg shows and an easy way for coaches to help develop their catchers' technique for making the putout on these not-so-easy plays!

Wild Pitch Recovery 1: Two Knee Slide

Wild pitches happen, it's simply unavoidable. But, how the catcher reacts in that bang-bang situation is sometimes the difference between a run or an out. In this Wild Pitch Recovery series, Coach Sandy Alomar lends his MLB experience to the young catchers out there, showing different ways to stay under control and make the play on a wild pitch, beginning with the Two Knee Slide.