Baserunning – Home to First – Bag Strike Drill

   Main Takeaways:

  • This drill is perfect for teaching baserunners to run through the base.

  • Start halfway up the basepath and the Arm Swing Cycle: Fast Arms.

  • Use a final cone as the point where the runner’s focus should be on the front edge of the bag.

  • Coaches, highlight the importance of running THROUGH the bag and then breaking down—Best the Drum—afterward (not during or before).

  • Look over both shoulders: A common mistake coaches make—which affects the runners—is not teaching to look over both shoulders after running through the bag.

  • Develop the habit of looking over both shoulders: first, the right shoulder—for an overthrow—and then the left, if there are runners ahead of them.

  • Correct “in the moment”… mistakes will happen, so don’t hesitate to correct during the drill—while also keeping it moving.

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