Coaches Tip: 12-U Long Toss Program

Long tossing is a great way to build arm strength. But long tossing, done incorrectly—from overexertion, improper mechanics and even the distance—can be detrimental to not only the athlete's progression but it can also cause injury. In this video, Coach Jim Brower gives a few tips, including warning signs for coaches/parents of 12-under pitchers who are beginning a long-toss regiment.

Controlling the Quadrant Part 1: Manipulate the Glove

Controlling, manipulating the strike zone is one of the most crucial skills for a catcher—sometimes, it's the difference between a walk and a K, a win or a loss. In this series, longtime MLB catcher, Sandy Alomar Jr., takes our youth catchers through a few drills—with expert tips—to help them learn to "Control the Quadrant."

12-U Bullpen Sessions Part 1: Playing Catch

A solid bullpen session doesn't begin with a pitcher merely getting on the rubber and throwing fastballs to the catcher. Instead, it starts with a simple game of catch—one that helps the pitcher build timing, get the feeling of keeping the weight back and, as YSPN360's pitching coach Jim Brower shows us in this first part of his 12-U Bullpen Series, helps prep the young hurlers for their best 'pens yet!

12-U Bullpen Sessions Part 2: Foot on Rubber

When it comes to pitching mechanics, even the smallest details can make for HUGE impacts—whether it's command, velocity, you name it. And, as Coach Jim Brower shows in Part 2 of his 12-U Bullpen Session Series, the pitcher's back heel is one the most overlooked, small details—that's also easily corrected during a bullpen session.

12-U Bullpen Sessions Part 3: The Leg Lift

Balance for a pitcher starts with a proper leg kick. And although there are several techniques and styles of leg kicks—as Coach Jim Brower shows in this third installment of the 12-U Bullpen Series—there is one way that works best for the young hurlers out there. A simplified move that they will be able to continue developing as they get older, stronger.

Pitching Mechanics: Elbow Up

It seems simple, but one of the most common struggles young pitchers have with their mechanics—and ultimately control and velocity—is improper elbow placement. In this video, Coach Mike Schultz gets back on the hill and breaks down the proper technique young pitchers should be using, including a test that will jog their muscle memory.

Receiving Throws at 2B During a Steal: The Bad Throw

Expect the unexpected. When receiving a throw during a stolen base attempt can sometimes call for the fielder to improvise. In Part 3 of Omar Vizquel's Receiving Throws at 2B During a Steal series, he demonstrates what to do when the throw is off-target.

Receiving Throws at 2B During a Steal: In Front of the...

Coach Omar Vizquel is back for the second installment of Receiving Throws at Second During the Steal, where he demonstrates Option 2—receiving the throw in front of the bag.

Receiving Throws at 2B During a Steal: Straddle the Bag

Coach Omar Vizquel demonstrates the first of two ways to receive the throw from the catcher during a stolen base attempt.

Catcher’s Tip: Fundamental Movement

It's no secret that a catcher's lower half is super essential for success. But it's not just about strength and conditioning. As Coach Sandy Alomar Jr. shows in this video, subtle changes in foot positioning can make all the difference behind the plate.