FAQ – In it to Earn it

Q: If our organization has more YSPN360 membership sign-ups than our registered players’ total number, does our league benefit from those sign-ups?

Answer: Yes, YSPN360 IITEI Partner fundraising is simply tied to the number of individuals who register for a paid YSPN360.com membership. The more folks you share your IITEI Partner number with, the more potential fundraising dollars you’ll raise. 

Q: How much money can we earn?

Answer: It depends on how many individuals register for a paid YSPN360.com membership using your organization’s IITEI Partner number.

Q: Does is it Cost anything for my organization to join the IITEI fundraising program?

Answer: No, it’s 100% free for your organization to join the IITEI fundraising program.

Q: When can our participants sign up for membership?

Answer: Anytime after they’ve received your In It to Earn It Partner ID number. This ensures your organization is credited with their paid membership to YSPN360.com. They can sign-up here.

Q: Will our participants incur costs to become a YSPN360.com member?

Answer: Yes. They will receive a 75% discount on their annual membership to YSPN360.com. Their total annual investment is only $20, with 50% being donated back to your organization.  

Q: When do we get paid?

Answer:  Registered IITEI Partners will receive their IITEI funding support quarterly.

Q: How do we get a Partner ID number?

Answer: You’ll receive your unique Partner ID number by email after you register your organization here.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for the In It to Earn It fundraising program?

Answer:  For an organization to be eligible, it must be connected to youth sports and have an authorized individual register the organization into the program.

Q: Which sports are eligible to participate in this program?

Answer:  Eligibility on sports is limited to the sports currently offered instructional content at YSPN360.com.

Q: Is there an age limit to become a YSPN360.com member?

Answer: Children under the age of 13 must have permission from their parents or legal guardian and include that person’s valid email address in the membership registration process.

Q: More questions?

Answer: Feel free to send an email to info@YSPN360.com if you require additional assistance or have more questions.


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