In It to Earn™ It FAQ’s

Can anyone sign up using our YSPN360 League ID number and provide funding support for our league?

Yes, but, funding support is limited to the number of registered players within your league. IE: if you have 200 players, membership payout is limited to that number.

If our league has more YSPN360 membership sign ups than the total number of our registered players, does our league benefit from those sign ups?

Yes, YSM will be launching phase 3 of In It to Earn It™ in 2Q18 where YSM will share a portion of net Company advertising and sponsorship revenue with each of our registered leagues based on their members YSPN360 usage.

Does is it Cost anything to my league to join the IITEI funding program?

No, your league will not incur costs to join the IITEI fundraising program.

When can my league members sign up for membership?

Any time after they’ve received your In It to Earn It League ID #. This ensures your league is credited with their sign-up. They can sign-up at

Does it cost to join?

It is free to register for leagues in to the In It to Earn It program and it’s free for your players, parents and coaches to sign up for a membership at

When do we get paid?

Leagues will receive their YSM funding support quarterly

How do we get a League ID number?

You receive your League ID number after you register your league at

How much money can we earn?

Your league can earn up to $0.50 per YSPN360 membership sign up limited to the number of players registered to play in your league. In phase 2 of IITEI (advertising/sponsorship rev share), the potential is much greater. It’s all based on the number of page views and video views generated by your players, parents and coaches at the web site.

What are the eligibility requirements for the In It to Earn It fundraising program?

For a league to be eligible, the league must be a local level recognized non-profit organization.

How do I learn more about this program?

Feel free to send an email to any time if you require additional assistance or have more questions.

Which sports are eligible to participate in this program?

Eligibility on sports is limited to the sports currently offering instructional content at

Is there an age limit?


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