YSPN360 is built by sports parents for sports parents. Like you, we all want to see our kids do well and provide them with the best possible opportunities. For that reason, we created YSPN360.com. We’re launching Version 1.0. We have big plans for YSPN360 and we hope you’ll join us for the ride.

In building the site’s content, we went out and recruited outstanding humans who happen to be outstanding coaches to join our team. YSPN360 breaks through the cluttered instructional wasteland on the Internet to give you fast, convenient and easy to access meaningful content produced by trusted sources that will directly make your experience on and around the field better.

You may have noticed that we say our service is “Free” quite often. We mean it, it’s free. All you do is register and confirm your email. There are no gimmicks, no redirects… It’s actually free and the saying, “You get what you pay for” definitely doesn’t apply in this case.

We are working to build a full-circle or 360-degree approach to player, coach and parental development. What does 360 degree mean? Mental & Emotional Development, Fundamental Skill Development & Strength/Conditioning & Nutritional Development. To ensure we cover all aspects of this approach, our coaching staff wasn’t only built upon the experience and knowledge of incredible coaches like Dave Roberts, the 2016 MLB Manager of the Year from the Los Angeles Dodgers or Tripp MacKay, the Hitting Coach for the University of Texas Softball Team, but we also have other important mentors on board.

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Our incredible coaching staff includes:

  • Ken Crenshaw, Head Athletic Trainer for the Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Amanda Carlson-Phillips, Performance Nutritionist
  • Tim Dixon, a Sports Psychologist and former Pitching Coach for the Air Force Academy
  • Nate Shaw, Head Strength Coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks
  • and many more outstanding coaches and experts.

Your free membership gives you:

You’ll be able to access this information whenever and wherever and at no-cost by logging on and viewing video-based content. All our videos include free notes to ensure you get the most out of our coach’s & expert’s instructional videos. Our 360-degree approach for you includes topics such as:

  1. In-depth mechanical how-to’s (hitting, pitching, fielding… all the good stuff!)
  2. Injury prevention tips
  3. Nutrition and hydration information that is simple and actionable
  4. Mental training and it effects fundamental development and physical performance
  5. Learning to handle your anxiety in the stands (don’t we all have a little of this at least?)
  6. Communication skills that help athletes (What we should and shouldn’t say to our kids)
  7. And much more!

By the way, there are no “secrets” to getting better. If you really want to improve, seek out great information and work at it. Do not let anyone tell you they have the secret to success in athletics, they don’t. It takes great genes, access to the right information/coaches, smart work, luck and any number of other instances such as not having your child’s talent, when young, extended to the point where your child ends up either burned out or injured. Did you know that a child is 36 times more likely to experience a surgical need when they pitch or throw through pain or soreness? That we have a stat like that is a sad statement of where our youth sports programs are headed.

Our goals for you are simple, we want to provide you with honest information so you can make good decisions for you and your family and that you, as a parent(s), enjoy your time in the stands more. The moments that our kids are kids are so fleeting, we want to be there for you should you need us.