Baserunning – Home to First Intro: Arm Swing Cycle

   Main Takeaways:

  • A good arm-swing technique will help build momentum, direction, and distance out of the box.
  • There are three phases to the cycle:
  • First three steps—Big arm swings: The arm motion should be from the chin (with the hand) to the pocket (with the hand).
  • After initial steps, Fast Arms: Build momentum, still focusing on the direction.
  • Striking the Bag, Beat the Drum: Remember to look over the right shoulder, and then the left after striking the bag. Note: Most coaches only teach runners to look over the right shoulder (for errant throws/past balls). Teaching to look over the left shoulder will help simulate game-like situations—where runners are on base ahead of them.
  • Coaches Tip: Start from a fixed position, and don’t focus on the lower half—the arm swings are the main part of this drill.

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