Ken Crenshaw


Director of Sports Medicine and Performance

Ken Crenshaw brings more than 28 years of experience to as an athletic trainer, including at the Major League Baseball level. Ken’s approach to sports training goes beyond taping and traditional monitoring of players. He is noted for high-tech training and recovery methods that help an athlete perform and recover at their highest rates.

During his career, he has worked as a team trainer with the Pittsburg Pirates and as the strength and conditioning coach for the Atlanta Braves. His career at the professional level began in 1996 when he became the Tampa Bay Devil Rays minor league medical/strength and conditioning coordinator. When the team fielded its first major league team in 1998, he served as assistant trainer and then, Head Athletic Trainer for eight more years.

In 2006, Ken joined the Arizona Diamondbacks as their Head Athletic Trainer, where he is now entering his 11th season helping make great players better. Crenshaw previously shared “Major League Baseball Athletic Training Staff of the Year” honors in 2005 and the “Dick Martin Athletic Training Staff of the Year” honors in 2004 with Ron Porterfield.

Ken received an undergraduate degree in sports medicine from New Mexico State University in 1990. He is a certified member of the NATA and the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). His advice and training guidance for younger athletes will be featured in the ‘PERFORMANCE’ section of the web site, adding an important dimension for youth coaches and parents who want their young players to get the most out of their games.

Ken is also very active in youth sports where he brings his medical and training knowledge as well as his experience in sports to coach youth football, basketball and baseball. He lives in Chandler, AZ with his wife and three sons.