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Armed with Knowledge: A Conversation with Dr. Tommy John

Armed with Knowledge Part 1: A Conversation with Dr. Tommy John

In sports, one of the lasting elements is the interesting imagery a name carries. When you hear Robin Ventura and Nolan Ryan, you probably picture headlocks and haymakers before you see a hit or a strikeout. There's Michael Jordan, and then there's Michael Jordan's tongue. There are Tiger's epic fist pumps, and Ruth's called shot (allegedly). Mary Lou Retton on a Wheaties box. Chris Webber forgetting how many timeouts there were. The trip down obscure memory lane can go on and on, and eventually, you get to the name Tommy John—and it's doubtful you immediately think about an ex-MLB lefty throwing a pitch.
Mike White

Coach Mike White Moves to Texas with Hope for a Bright Future

Oregon left nothing to be disputed Saturday as it claimed the PAC-12 championship title with a 2-0 victory over the No. 24 ranked California. It was the Lady Ducks fifth title over the past six seasons.

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