Baserunning – Out of the Box – Fast Arms: Left-Handed Hitters

   Main Takeaways:

  • Once the technique for the arm swings is developed—from the previous drill—coaches can implement breaking out of the box and running to first.
  • Remember big arms for the first three steps: Cheek to Pocket.
  • Left-handed hitters should explode out of the box with the back foot. This will keep their direction in a straight line, avoiding any extra distance caused by veering when leading with the front (right, in this case) foot.
  • Coaches Tip: Most coaches only teach baserunners to look over their right shoulder (for an errant throw/past ball) when going through first. A good practice, though, is to teach runners to look over the left shoulder too—this will simulate what to do when baserunners are on ahead of them (possible rundowns, moving to third, attempting to score, etc.).

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