Press Release – Arizona Diamondbacks Head Athletic Trainer Ken Crenshaw Joins YSN360 Youth Sports Staff

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March 15,  2017 – Studio City, CA: We are pleased to announce that Arizona Diamondbacks Head Athletic Trainer Ken Crenshaw has joined the sports coaching and education team. Ken will continue as the Head Athletic Trainer with the Arizona Diamondbacks while offering age-appropriate physical conditioning, fitness and injury prevention techniques and advice to coaches, parents and aspiring players.  Ken represents the unique 360 Full Circle model that YSPN360 offers to coaches, parents and players to help them enjoy the games they love. Ken will be joined by other physical training, psychology and nutrition experts providing exclusive free on-demand videos and advice.

Ken is starting his 11th year as the Head Athletic Trainer of the Diamondbacks after working on the training staff with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves and the Tampa Bay Rays. After earning a degree in Sports Medicine from New Mexico State Ken has 20 years of professional experience and a desire to help Youth Sports with his extensive knowledge.

“I’m a medical and conditioning trainer and have been fortunate to work at the professional level for so many years,” Ken said. “I’m also a youth coach myself in basketball, football and, of course, baseball. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with other coaches and parents.”

YSPN360 CEO Lou Birdt made the announcement. “There are more than 2 million volunteer coaches and nearly 40 million athletes in team sports at the youth level in this country. As part of our complete “360 Full Circle” approach to Youth Sports we are honored to have a trainer, innovator and teacher like Ken join our Staff.” Birdt said. “ is about educating and inspiring the next generation of athletes, their parents and coaches. The best way is to learn from the best.”

YSPN360 is a free on-demand multi-sport instructional venture dedicated to improving youth skills to make team sports more fun for all. The web site is being launched by Youth Sports Network Interactive Media, Inc. More information is available by signing up at It’s easy and free.  Subscribers will be kept posted as more sport and additional coaches join the site.



About Ken Crenshaw

Ken Crenshaw brings more than 28 years of experience to as an athletic trainer, including at the Major League Baseball level.  Ken’s approach to sports training goes beyond taping and traditional monitoring of players. He is noted for his high-tech training and recovery methods that help an athlete perform and recover at their highest rates.

In 2006, Ken joined the Arizona Diamondbacks as their head trainer, where he is entering his 11th season helping make great players better. During his career, he has worked as a team trainer with the Pittsburg Pirates and as the strength and conditioning coach for the Atlanta Braves.  His career at the professional level began in 1996 when he became the Tampa Bay Devil Rays minor league medical/strength and conditioning coordinator.

Ken received an undergraduate degree in sports medicine from New Mexico State University in 1990. He is a certified member of the NATA and the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA).  Ken is very active in youth sports where he brings his medical and training knowledge as well as his experience in sports to coach youth football, basketball and baseball.  He lives in Chandler, AZ with his wife and three sons.

To learn more about Ken’s advice and training guidance for younger athletes visit the ‘PERFORMANCE’ section of the web site and learn important dimension for youth coaches and parents who want their young players to get the most out of their games.


ABOUT is the on-demand sports instruction and training web site of Youth Sports Network Interactive Media, Inc. (YSM). The mission of is to be the premier youth sports training and education resource for coaches, young players, and their families by offering a unique 360-degree approach to developing the whole player, parent and is a free subscriber-based website with content presented in an age and skill appropriate manner that parents and coaches have told us they prefer. Information for practice, skills development and team play can be taken right to the field or court via mobile apps, tablet video presentations, and printouts.  For example, youth coaches can use as a comprehensive interactive reference for hitting and pitching from elite professional and collegiate coaches.

YSM’s goal is to make sports more fun for kids of all ages by providing free high quality tools and instruction, like baseball mentoring from high profile collegiate and professional coaches who are eager to share their knowledge and tested coaching techniques with the next generation of young players. will seek to offer a balance between proven techniques and new ideas for teaching, coaching, fitness and strength training, nutrition and psychology appropriate for young athletes, their parents, and coaches.

The company has been able to build the site through the generosity of the contributing coaches, who want to give something back to the sports they love.  The goal is to help raise the overall level of play, coaching and parental interaction. will initially provide instruction in Baseball and Softball and will soon add Soccer and Volleyball, among other sports. YSM is based in Studio City, California.

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