Rod Louden

Rod Louden


Rod Louden is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Woodland Hills, Calif., and he also has extensive experience working with athletes at all levels regarding personal issues that are impacting their ability to reach optimal performance.

Much of Rod’s professional experience is in the areas of Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Addiction, Survivors of Childhood Abuse, Problem Solving, Self Growth, Anxiety, Depression, Working with Teens, Parenting Education/Techniques, and Blended Family Systems.

In addition, he works with musicians, actors and artists to break through creative blocks, allowing a deeper expression of their artistry and more satisfying personal lives.

An accomplished writer as well, Rod is the author of “Monster Relationships: Taming the Beasts That Are Killing Your Relationships,” and a contributing author to “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol 3.”

As prolific as he is versatile, Rod has worked for Los Angeles County since 1996, first as a Children’s Social Worker, and since 2005 as a Supervising Children’s Social Worker. His experience of having worked with thousands of families for more than two decades has given him a firsthand view of the struggles that families face and extensive knowledge regarding how to create positive changes in people’s lives.