Softball Batting Mechanical Checklist

Hand Position:

  1. Hands are kept away from the body. Loss of leverage of the arms in the swing should be avoided.
  2. The hitter’s hands must go back before they come forward.
  3. The hands must be still when the pitch is released by the pitcher.


  1. A quiet head is a must. Hitters should avoid tilting the head, because softballs are hard enough to see without looking at it from an angle.
  2. A hitter’s chin should be near her shoulder ready for a steady head and will go from shoulder to shoulder on the swing.
  3. The head cannot move forward with the stride.


  1. A hitter should face the pitcher with both eyes and not look over the nose.
  2. Eyes should not blink during the pitch.
  3. Hitters should pick up the ball directly from the pitcher’s hand at her release point. Do not let the hitter be confused with any motion of the legs, arm, or glove of the pitcher.

Front Shoulder:

  1. This is the key to hitting as long as everything else is done somewhat correctly.
  2. The shoulder must be down, and in, on the swing, whether it be an inside pitch or an outside pitch.
  3. The front shoulder cannot open until the location of the pitch is determined. The front shoulder should be pointed toward the ball.
  4. The shoulders should be rounded on the swing.

Rear Foot:

  1. Power and stability come from hitting all pitches off the rear foot.
  2. The toe of the back foot, during the swing, should be pivoted to a position where it will point straight forward.
  3. As the batter’s rear foot pivots to start the swing, her rear knee should bend to assure proper weight distribution.
  4. Front foot hitters and “lungers” will never be consistent hitters.
  5. Although the batter gives the impression of having her weight distributed on both feet in the batters box, she should keep most of her weight on the inside of the rear foot.

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