Tim Dixon


Mental Coach, Former Pitching Coach, Air Force Academy

Tim Dixon is a performance and motivational counselor with more than 15 years’ experience as a coach, Sports Mental Coach and Motivational Speaker. Tim works with athletes of all ages as well as business professionals, helping them to perform at the peak of their abilities more consistently. In his role with YSPN360.com Tim will provide mentoring and performance advice to youth coaches, young athletes, and their parents.

Tim is the founder of THE MENTAL LOCKER, a peak performance group dedicated to helping others maximize their potential, as well as the founder of THE ELITE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY helping corporate and business professionals to achieve their best consistently. Tim’s mental training workshops challenge the comfort of daily choices and force participants to push beyond current expectations. Tim is a featured speaker at coaching conventions, baseball camps, and business events around the country where he teaches individuals to see their true potential and to focus on becoming the best at what they love.

Tim was a Squadron Professional Ethics Advisor (SPEA) and Certified Character Coach with the United States Air Force Academy from 2010-2014. He taught honor classes to 125 cadets each year, working one-on-one with future officers on building character and overcoming obstacles. Tim was also a successful pitching coach at the Air Force Academy, instrumental in directing the Falcon pitching staff to the greatest turnarounds in school history.

He came to the Academy after spending the previous four seasons on the baseball staff at Southern Illinois University. Before SIU, Dixon coached two years at Feather River College (Quincy, Calif.) and two years at the University of Pacific. While at Pacific, he handled the pitching staff, with three pitchers selected in the MLB Draft. As a player, Dixon pitched for six seasons at the professional level with the Expos, Brewers and Red Sox organizations.

Dixon received his bachelor's degree from National University in 2001 and a Master's Degree in Sports Psychology from Optimal Performance Institute in 2008. He is a two-time best-selling author in addition to a published series of sport-related articles.